Esports TV Documentary

But will this project result in an unbiased report?
An independent television producer in the UK, Joel Dale, is working on a documentary project covering the rise of eSports for the Sky Sports network and has been using social media to gather information and perspectives on the vertical from the playing public…but the manner in which some of his posts have been worded are cause for concern that the end product may not be entirely unbiased.
For example in one post he urges gamers "seriously affected by gambling" to come forward, and in another revealed that he and his partner “have a problem with gambling and want to know if anyone else has experienced this within eSports.”
To be fair, when quizzed about his intentions, Dale has stressed that he is interested only in presenting a fair picture that includes a factual assessment and the good and the bad of gambling in the gaming industry…and he has claimed that he and his partner are keen Counterstrike Global Offensive players who do not want to destroy a game that they enjoy.
Time will no doubt tell if the scepticism of some players over this initiative is justified.