Processor Speaks on Everleaf Poker

PIC Club exec says Everleaf is not doing all it can to pay players following US exit
The storm swirling around the Everleaf Poker Network and claims that players remain unpaid months after its February exit from the US market intensified this week when e-cash processor PIC Club exec Chuck Kidd spoke out on the issue.
In an interview with the poker information site Pokerfuse, Kidd refuted the troubled network's claim that it was doing everything possible to get payments to its former US players, revealing that he had offered to assist in the exercise in an approach to the Everleaf CFO but had been rebuffed.
Kidd went further, claiming that the processor Everleaf had used – Causash Establishment – was merely a bank account fronted by a key official connected to Everleaf, and he suggested that there was a possibility that Everleaf has no intention of playing American players cut adrift by its abrupt departure from the US market.
We have previously reported on Everleaf's supposed ‘solutions' for its US players, which included advising them rather impractically to open bank accounts outside the United States, or to open Neteller or Moneybooker accounts….neither of which serve the US market.
And once again the Malta regulator, the LGA, is taking flak for ineffectual oversight and remaining silent on the debacle.