Fabian Engel (30), a qualified economist, becomes head of marketing at Tipp24games Entertainment GmbH today (April 1st 2009) and is hopefully not suspicious!
For the past 2 years Engel has managed the online advertising function at Tipp24 AG having joined the company in 2005.
A company statement reveals that since September 2008, the online gaming portal Tipp24games.de has been expanding the product portfolio of Tipp24 AG with knowledge and skill-based games. 
The company was founded in January 2008, and is a 100 percent subsidiary of Hamburg and London-based Tipp24 AG. Online games for everyone are offered where a player can gauge his or her abilities against others in real time, play for and win money.
Tipp24 Entertainment focuses on browser-based casual skill games, managed by a team reporting to CEO Jens Schumann and his authorised representative Sven Ivo Brinck.  Nine games in various genres and themes are currently on offer, with new titles added every month.