Is Video Poker Rigged

Whether or not video poker is rigged is an age old question. Well, at least as old as video poker . Whenever anything is automated or based on casino software one has to stop and wonder why they win when they win and why they lose when they lose. And so, the question remains as to whether video poker is rigged. The answer is straight forward, and then it is not. Are there rigged video poker games out there? Absolutely.

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Are video poker games that are regulated by a governing authority rigged? No. As casinos have become more and more common and accessible the industry has become more regulated. This has been in an effort to protect the consumer just as much as the casinos themselves.

Not Rigged But Programmed

They are played using software that randomly deals different cards. The dealing really is random, so it is not rigged to not pay out or allow you to win, but sometimes you are going to get lucky and sometimes you are not. So, the programming simply determines what percentage of the coins put into the machine will be paid out, but it doesn’t influence when they are paid out or when the right combination of cards will be dealt.

Some people consider this rigging the machines, but the governing bodies are very careful to ensure that they are not. What you have to remember is that the machines may be programmed, but video poker is a truly chance driven game. The randomness of the software is what determines, in addition to your skill, whether or not you will win. When you consider that the multiple decks that are dealt from in many casinos are random, it really isn’t much different. The cards are shuffled and land randomly in the deck, so you never know what is going to be dealt.

What Does it Mean

So, does this mean that video poker is a bad bet because you are relying on a program that randomly chooses the cards that are dealt? Only you can answer that question. Video poker is supposed to be a form of entertainment. Part of what makes it fun is that there is a lot of risk involved. You have to decide how much of a risk is involved knowing that you may not be the lucky one who gets the winning combination of cards.

Sometimes you may get lucky, and sometimes you won’t. This is why it is important to remember that you play to have fun…there are no certainties whether you are playing video poker or more traditional poker, so just make sure you are playing with a regulated machine and you’ll be good to go! So Is Video Poker Rigged ? NO it is Programmed…not rigged!

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