Winning on progressive jackpot slots

If you have been playing online slot machine games at Online Casinos Allowing US Players for any length of time, you will no doubt have heard the term “progressive jackpot slots”. Just because you may have seen them, doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what they are. In this article, we’ll take a quick peek at these big-money slot machine games, and explain how they work, and how you can win them. Check out our Favorite Jackpot Slot.

How does a progressive jackpot slot work?

Progressive jackpot slot machines are slightly more complex than non-progressive slots. A non-progressive slot has a fixed jackpot, which is usually won when players land 5 identical jackpot symbols on a pay line. However, the same isn’t necessarily the case with progressive jackpot slots. For starters, the jackpot is not fixed.

Instead, of having a fixed jackpot, a progressive prize rises with every new bet that is staked by players across the globe. These jackpots can reach huge sizes (sometimes millions of pounds in value). When they are won, they return to their default level, before rising once more. Winning at random

Some slot machine games contain multiple progressives, and these are often won at random. Which progressive jackpot you can win depends on how much you have wagered. Larger stakes can result in larger progressives, with smaller ones triggered petite progressive prizes. Of course, when playing randomly triggered progressive jackpot slots, there is nothing you can really do to enhance your chances of landing a big win – it is all down to chance.

Winning via bonus games

Some progressive jackpots dish out their prizes via bonus games. In some slots, you will be required to land bonus symbols on the reels to activate a feature, and in others, the bonus feature is triggered at random. Some progressive jackpots slots guarantee a progressive win to players who trigger the bonus feature, and others just give you a chance to win one (with secondary cash prizes paid out if you fail to win). Bonus features can include instant win games such as scratch card or wheels, or more challenging click and play games.

Winning via Pay lines

Progressive jackpots can also be paid out via pay lines. To bag these prizes, gamblers are going to need to land 5 progressive jackpot paying symbols on a pay line. Sometimes that can be any line. Mostly in older slots (such as those by Playtech) they need to appear on a specific pay line. Making them some of the most difficult to nail down. With these progressives, you usually need to wager the maximum stake to have a chance of winning the top prize. Secondary prizes are paid out if you have a progressive combination on a lesser value bet.

Community progressives

Community progressives also exist. These progressives can see several players win a share of a progressive pot if one player happens to strike the jackpot on the same day. Other community progressives include lottery style games. These can see players place a side bet to win a progressive prize by matching numbers (just like a lottery). Although lottery style progressives are all but extinct in the online slot world nowadays.

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