FinBet has launched in Central Asia

Finbet also has ambitious plans for 30 new betting shops.
Kazakhstan bookmaker FinBet has launched in Central Asia on the Digitain platform at….and has revealed that it has ambitions to open 30 betting shops in time for the Euro 2016 football festival later this month.
Chief operating officer Oganes Ter-Oganesiani, said in a statement that his company plans to become a major force in Central Asian and Eastern European betting, using the Digitain multi-channel platform.
The platform enables Finbet to comply with Kazakhstan’s new i-gaming regulations and the requirement for real time data submission to government servers.
Digitain has undertaken to deliver to Finbet over 26,000 real live monthly events and full coverage of most popular sports in a pre-match with various wagering bonuses and cashout options available to players.
Zaven Sahakyan, business development director at Digitain, said in a statement Monday that the company is expanding and has recently secured sports betting contracts in Africa, the Baltic States, South Eastern Europe and Asia.
"We will launch nine new operators in these regions, prior to Euro 2016,": he said, noting that some of these were new to the online industry, but that most were well established operators.