Pets at the centre of new slot
WinADay Casino’s new Fluffy Paws video slot game features Japanese, Pokemon-style animation centred around three cuddly pets: Bunny, Kitty and Puppy.
Slots players choose their bonus opportunities by selecting a pet to play along with them in this 5 reel 25 pay line game. Players can switch pets anytime during play.
Those that choose the Bunny as their pet will get Bunny Bonuses like 10 free spins when a hungry bunny catches and eats a carrot. If Bunny falls in love, players win 5  spins with wins doubled.  Kitty Bonuses include 8 free spins when Kitty chases a mouse and an Expanding Wild that lasts 5 spins. In Puppy’s Dig It Up Bonus Game, Puppy has to find a bone hidden by the neighbor’s dog. Until he finds it, bets can be multiplied up to 200x. The puppy also includes 5 free spins whenever the Puppy barks at the dog on the reels.
“We create all of our own slot games ” said WinADay Casino manager Michael Hilary. “Our games designers are right here in our offices, so we’ve been watching this one develop over the summer, and I think this is one of the coolest games they’ve ever come up with!"
The new game brings to 33 the number of instant-play casino games, most of which are tied to the casino’s progressive jackpot, at WinADay.
Check out the vid here: