Online sports betting proponent settles for fantasy sports

New Jersey Monmouth Park Racetrack has teamed up with Anthem Media Group’s Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY) in a marketing partnership that will see the launch of a paid Monmouth Park Daily Fantasy Game.

The game, which will be developed by an as yet to be selected website game developer and operator, will feature professional sporting events.

“Fantasy Sports Network is a tremendous partner as Monmouth Park looks to strengthen its gaming and entertainment presence in New Jersey and across the national market,” said Bill Knauf, vice president of business operations at Monmouth Park.

“Aspects of the partnership include brand cross-promotion, and development of an on-site presence at the track, including a Fantasy Sports Weekend prior to the start of the 2015 football season.”
The new fantasy game will be the latest addition to the track’s online gaming portfolio, which already includes the free, season-long racing game Survival at the Shore, as well as the free, one-day Haskell game. Both games attracted over 6,500 participants in 2014, Monmouth Park said.