Fringo Social Casino Game Launched


Bingo cross slot mechanics

Seattle-based FlowPlay has launched a free-to-play mobile game titled “Fringo”.

The game, developed by Joju Games, is a fruit-themed social casino game combining slots and bingo which is available to mobile device users on the Android platform. Check it out

Fringo players match various cartoon fruits on their board to fruits scrolling across the screen with the goal of daubing as many slots as possible. Combined with the payline mechanics utilised in traditional slots games, players can earn coins and Fringo Points (FP).

Fringo's multiplayer capability allows for as many as one hundred players to compete simultaneously, together across all platforms including web and mobile. 

“Fringo is introducing a new style of gameplay to help fill the gap of engaging social casino experiences that players are seeking out more and more," said Derrick Morton, chief executive officer of FlowPlay. "We believe this hybrid approach has the opportunity to shake things up in the sector and we're looking forward to the response from casino gamers, especially as we bring Fringo to iOS in the coming weeks."