POSTED 3/18/11 : nteresting technology crossover between Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360
Microsoft Game Studios launched "Full House Poker" on Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 this week.
The game on the Windows Phone 7 platform is the first to feature avatar support and players are able to build up in-game bankrolls which are automatically and wirelessly integrated into their Xbox console once the player boots up making for an interesting technology crossover.
The game allows the player to play on their phone as their Xbox live avatar and achievements and bankroll money can be collected.
The Windows Phone 7 version includes unlockable items such as new card decks, poker tables and player titles.  The game automatically saves during incoming calls so players are able to pick up where they left off while playing on the go.
The Windows Phone 7 Full House Poker retails at a cost of $2.99.