Includes customer requested Auto Add-On and Quick Fold to Any Bet for Rush Poker Players
Online poker site, Full Tilt Poker have released their latest software update that includes new features:
–     “Auto Add-On” button for rebuys
–     “Quick Fold to Any Bet” option for Rush Poker players
–     “Must Wait for Big Blind” rule has been eliminated entirely for Super Turbo tournaments.
–     “On Demand Tournaments”.
–     Time Zones for Game Clock: Players can now set the clock to their specific time zone.
–     Quick Fold to Any Bet: The “Fold to Any Bet” action has been changed to “Quick Fold to Any Bet” when appropriate.
–     Always Show Stack Size: The action messages (Check, Bet, Raise, etc.) have all shrunk in size to allow the pod to still display a player’s stack information.
–     Disable Tournament Announcements: Players now have the option of disabling tournament announcements in the chat box.
–     Eight-Game and Nine-Game Additions: Nine-Game is just like 10-Game, but without Badugi. Eight-Game is just like Seven-Game, but also includes Triple Draw