Is Binion’s Investing in Fulltilt Poker

Wednesday June 29, 2011 : Binion allegedly visited Ireland to discuss investing in online poker giant
According to the usually authoritative online poker information site Subject: Poker, US land gambling veteran operator Jack Binion may be interested in investing in internet poker provider Full Tilt Poker, despite the company’s Black Friday hassles and still unpaid US players.
Amid claims that it is cash-strapped, Full Tilt has let it be known that it is seeking investment capital, presumably to help it meet its commitments to players.
Several unnamed sources have apparently informed the publication that Binion travelled to Ireland last week for meetings with Full Tilt’s owners, with a view to investing substantially in the company, which has for years been regarded as the world’s second largest online poker operator.
Previous reports have additionally mentioned that ace player Phil Ivey was also in Ireland for the discussions.
Subject: Poker’s multiple and independent sources appear to feel that a deal may be imminent.
Binion, who has wide experience in the land gambling industry and is still involved in poker enterprises, is chairman of Steve Wynn’s Wynn International group, which broke off a putative partnership deal with PokerStars when the events of Black Friday disrupted the US world of internet poker.