Gambling: Drinking And Playing Not A Good Idea

Online gamblers can benefit from a timely reminder that appeared on the respected message board twoplustwo this week.

 Started by a "friend of a friend" who imbibed too freely whilst gambling online and paid the penalty attendant on the abandon that too much booze so frequently engenders, the poster started an interesting conversation on the possible merits of anti-drunk mechanisms on laptops and PCs.

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The discussion illustrated that "DWP" (drunk whilst playing) is not an uncommon occurrence and can have unfortunate consequences for those who take on too much booze when gambling, stock trading, e-mailing and even posting on message boards – excessive behaviour which most online gamblers have seen at one time or another.
The existence of Google Mail Goggles, a precautionary feature against ill-advised emailing, was also interesting.  Google Mail Goggles prompts users after a selected time of the night to answer a variety of arithmetical problems prior to sending an email. The idea being to give the writer pause for reflection before firing off an email that may later be regretted.