Belgium Looking To Regulate Gambling Apps

Blacklist and a request for integration of age limits by online app stores
The Bulgaria’s State Gambling Commission (SGC) has set its sights on the availability of free gambling apps saying there is not enough control over minors’ access.
The SGC wants to create a blacklist similar to its already extensive advisory on operators offering services in that market without a Bulgaria-issued licence.
Peter Naessens of the SGC believes gambling apps deliberately target young people with "impressive-sounding names like Sweet Bingo and Slots Candy.
Naessens went on to say: "Canadian figures show that one in three young people under 18 are using these apps. Often they think those apps are free, but after a while you start to pay for the app. That amount can really add up".  He gives an example of a recent complaint received by the SGC, where the player had to pay over Euro 4000.
The SGC said it wants to implement a gambling app blacklist and enlist the help of online app stores such as Google Play and Apple to integrate age limits in the apps they offer.