Is Gambling as dangerous to health as cigarettes?

Gambling is as dangerous to health as cigarettes?
The enforcement arm of the European Union, the European Commission, is to recommend to member states that they pass legalization requiring online gambling operators to display cigarette-style health warnings on all online gambling advertisements.
The Reuters news agency reports that the EU executive will make its recommendation to improve controls of the Euro 10.5 billion online gambling industry next week, focusing on advertisements to tackle compulsive gambling.
Although the recommendation is not legally binding, it could prompt European countries to tighten rules in the area, a Commission spokesman told the news agency.
The European Commission claims that online gambling is the fastest growing service activity in the Union, rising at 15 percent per annum and (based on 2011) statistics) involving 6.8 million users.
The warning signs that online gambling companies will be urged to feature in their advertisements include the chances of winning and losing, information on the risk of becoming addicted to gambling and assistance for compulsive gambling.
The EU is also proposing a ban on online gambling firms sponsoring events aimed at minors.