BetonSports Founder Gary Kaplan Out Of Jail

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 :  The final chapter in the demise of what was once the industry's biggest operator
Gary Kaplan, the colourful and controversial founder of what was once arguably the industry's biggest operator – – has completed his one year jail sentence in St. Louis and moved to parts unknown, according to a report in the online information portal Gambling911.
The site quotes "numerous sources" in reporting Kaplan's release, recalling that his chief executive officer, David Carruthers, was also released recently after a prolonged period under house arrest in St Louis.
Carruthers was detained by US officials whilst transitting the United States on a business trip, whilst Kaplan was hunted down and arrested in Dominican Republic by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in one of the major early (pre-UIGEA) online gambling enforcement actions in the United States, using charges that included RICO and money laundering indictments.
The action effectively dismantled BoS in 2006, consigning the Costa Rica-based company to the corporate scrapheap.