New mobile technology For Genesis Gaming

Cross Channel Delivery
Genesis Gaming has introduced new mobile technology following nine months of research and development called ConceptionXD.
The technology enables the company to deliver video slot games quickly to market in an automated and optimised approach.  In particular, HTML5 games for the mobile channel are delivered faster and simultaneously with the same games in FLASH for the online computer channel.
"ConceptionXD offers the promise of “Concept to Cross Channel Delivery” with a single development effort and timeline. Currently, Flash, HTML5 and Native video slot games can be delivered to both Real Money and Social gaming platforms, simultaneously," explained a company statement.
Genesis delivered its first game titled East of the Sun, West of the Moon earlier this week on Unibet utilising Conception XD for the multi-channel delivery .
“We are very pleased to offer this new approach to fast tracking high quality mobile game production,” said Geoffrey Hansen, General Manager. “We aim to simplify the roadmap and marketing efforts of operators seeking quality games for multiple channels. In particular, the ability for a simultaneous launch of a game on both the online and mobile channels is both efficient and effective for casino operators.“
Genesis has a pipeline of multiple games, each for multiple channels, using this new framework. Currently, the ConceptionXD technology is only used internally at Genesis to provide a competitive advantage for faster multi-channel game delivery. In future, Genesis will plan to offer the technology to select strategic partners.