December 13,2011 :  New survey shows that online casinos were responsible for an incredible 69.1 percent of German spam emails
In terms of monopolistic state operators and legal constraints, the German online gambling market is not the easiest place in which to do business, but that does not appear to have deterred online casino marketers and affiliate marketers from bombarding German players with email spam.
The German email security company Eleven's latest survey shows that an incredible 69.1 percent of all spam emails in November involved online casino inducements and marketing.
In November the percentage of all spam email was 90.2 percent, an insignificant decrease from October when the percentage of all German email that was classified as spam hit the 90.3 percent mark.
Eleven flagged an increasing number of regionally targeted phishing emails as a further threat to email users, noting that German-language phishing emails that target customers of German financial institutions tricked users into entering their account or credit card information on phishing websites. In November 2011, victims included Deutsche Bank customers.
The most prevalent source of malware in November was China with 18.5 percent of known viruses and the US with 20.2 percent of all virus outbreaks, Eleven says.