At the beginning of December, a German Poker player named “Donk3399” won the second-largest single amount of $2 million on PokerStars after playing Jackpot Spot&Go. PokerStars member and the co-founder of OP-Poker Nick Walsh was actually streaming the whole process on his Twitch channel and so everyone got to see his overwhelming reaction.
Nick Welsh is originally from the United States but through the majority of his life, he has lived in the United Kingdom. This is where he first got into poker during his college years and later became a professional player which lead him to set up OP Poker.

What is OP Poker and how they operate?

OP Poker was first discovered by PokerStars and became a member of its online team and then it quickly managed to establish the name for itself by offering unique games like its most popular Power Up and Unfold. But ever since then the more games have come out from the company so now they’re recognized for their services and games and not just the one-hit wonders.

OP has also made a name for itself for creating niche content for Fusion or Unfold formats but they also offer preliminary strategies on how to beat them as well. They have been very serious about Spin&Go format, having previously worked with Neymar and Usain Bolt for their limited edition Spin&Go games. Using fan-favorite sportsmen, or artists has worked really well for these online games in the past and is the fail-proof practice.

Nick Welsh is on Twitch a lot and since he specialized in mid-stakes Spin&Gos a was live-streaming his game when the German player hit the jackpot. This is actually a pretty unique situation since most venue owners don’t really communicate all that much with their customers. Online Casinos are unique in a lot of ways and this just shows how different it is from the real-life experience.

It has its advantages and disadvantages but there is almost nothing online casinos can achieve by tweaking the already existing practices. While advertising casinos can be tricky, many of them use affiliate marketing promoting test online casino affiliate programs. With the technological advances happening all over the world right now online casinos have the chance to employ AI, create better graphic and allow more people to enjoy the game at the same time, which is enough to predict that the following year will be quite successful and full of innovations for online gambling venues. The fact that the consumers get to communicate so closely with the people behind these games just makes it that much more appealing.

Nick spoke with news outlets about the whole experience and said that he tried to put himself in the shoes of the winner. He learned about the big win through the comments under his live stream. He said that he had to put his recreational cap on, and felt the sense of wonderment. According to the OP-Poker when people get good at playing they still enjoy playing but it is for different reasons and you playing for other things. This win brought back some of ti original excitement for Nick.

The Appeal of Online Casinos

German outlets are covering this story nonstop but the identity of the winner hasn’t been released to the public, understandably so.

The Spin&Go games, especially if they have some sort of theme to them are very popular among the younger populations. Online Casinos offer more accessible and simple to use games compared to the regular casinos, which is part of the reason why they’re taking up a big chunk of overall gambling industry revenue. What most people love about them is the variety and the fact that you will always have something new and exciting to play.

This why so many online gambling venues chose to focus on always improving their games and the services because largely that is what distinguishes them from regular casinos. Free spins and promotions are also a big part of it since they are more accessible through online casinos. Wins like these make the appeal of online games even more apparent since they give you a chance to win as much as 2$ million without ever leaving your house. This win marked the biggest win in PokerStar’s history.

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