New Bingo Site Opens

Gossip Bingo is designed for social networking fans
The latest site launch from Netboost Media's subsidiary Newco Entertainment has appeared on the internet. Branded Gossip, the new offering is designed for social networking fans and joins a growing stable that includes Moon Bingo, Polo Bingo, Glorious Bingo and Spectra Bingo.
Powered by Brigend software from 888's b2b agency Dragonfish, the new bingo site offers a magazine-style format and celebrity news in support of a range of bingo and instant games, and is styled to interact with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The site includes social elements to improve inter-player communication and a community notice board that links members with similar interests.
“After consulting with our consumers, we have incorporated unique features which provide a greater all-round gaming experience, aimed at increasing each player's ‘dwell time’," said Netboost CEO Adi Frum in announcing the launch. "The software modifications Newco has made allow us to target different consumer segments during their play time.”
Frum says that Netboost studies among over 70 000 bingo fans had revealed that 80 percent are Facebook members, and 75 percent are readers of gossip magazines or blogs every day.
Gossip Bingo management intends to continue the success of sister site Moon Bingo , where Frum claims that over the past ten months the company has managed to recruit an average 3 500 new players every month –  most of them from Britain.