Greatest Hits : New Slot

Slotland's ‘Greatest Hits' has a distinct retro-feel
Online casino Slotland has added another unique proprietary video slot to its gaming inventory with the release of ‘Greatest Hits', a five reel, 19 pay-line game with a retro popular music theme. Play Greatest Hits Here.
‘Greatest Hits' includes a bonus round where players can top the charts with gold and platinum records – and multiply their winnings up to five times.
The hit record “Disc” symbol is the Scatter and three Discs trigger the unique bonus game where wannabe music moguls release a new album and sell as many records as possible before the album loses its “Hype”.
When an album tops the charts or goes on tour Hype increases but if the Popularity Meter drops to zero the bonus game ends. Albums continue to sell as long as the bonus game continues earning silver, gold, platinum or diamond awards. These multiply winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.
Slotland is promoting the game with a series of incentives and action on Facebook, where players will be sharing screen shots of their own greatest hits.
Greatest Hits joins twenty-five other proprietary video slots and video poker games on the Slotland site, with several also available as mobile slots. Like most of this internet casino’s slots games, the new game is tied to the site’s progressive jackpot.