Gus Hansen won just over $700 000 online last weekend

Written on  4/19/11 By staff writer Anthony Aperman :

Gus Hansen wo just over $700 000 online last weekend
The Department of Justice actions on Friday against major online poker companies that include Full Tilt Poker dampened the action on the nosebleed tables on the company's website over the weekend, but Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen made record profits despite this.
Taking on top players like Patrik Antonius, Gavin Cochrane and the enigmatic NoPasaran on the 6-max $300/$600 virtual tables, Hansen emerged just over $700 000 in profit after some 5 000 hands.
His biggest ‘donations' came from Antonius ($329 000) and Harrington25 ($169 000).
Other than Hansen's successes, the action was subdued, with a noticeable dearth of big name players with high value ambitions.
Major weekend winners other than Hansen included Sauce123 on $246 000; NoPasaran, who was up $240 000; and Mr Boogerz, who scored just over $200 000.