Hakan Halstedt Leaves Lotteriinspektionen

Halstedt to depart end-March to take up new appointment as a district court judge.
One of the most influential men in Swedish gambling, Lotteriinspektionen regulatory head Hakan Halstedt, departs end March in order to take up a new position as a district court judge.
In addition to his duties as regulatory chief, which he took up in 2008, Halstedt has also played an important role as a member of the government's panel tasked with reviewing Sweden’s gambling industry and making recommendations on how it might be improved; these enquiries include the future of the Svenska Spel land and online gambling state monopoly should the local market be opened to licensing by competitive foreign operators.
Halstedt has confirmed that following his departure and the submission of the panel's recommendations at the end of March he will have no further involvement. His successor as head of Lotteriinspektionen has yet to be announced.
Several online gambling executives have expressed the hope that Halstedt's departure will not disrupt or delay the liberalization process in Sweden, and have urged that his replacement be finalized and announced quickly to avoid uncertainty and preserve the momentum of moves to bring Sweden into compliance with European Commission requirements regarding online gambling in particular.