Heads Up 8 Man Blaze New Poker Game

Heads Up 8 Man Blaze has the popular fast-fold format
The Microgaming Poker Network has launched Heads Up 8 Man Blaze, a new and improved fast-fold poker variant of the popular Heads Up Blaze introduced to the network last year.
With Heads Up 8 Man Blaze, up to eight players enter into a liquidity pool to compete. Unlike traditional Heads Up fast-fold tables, players can only enter each liquidity pool once, and only eight players are allowed in each pool, thus closely replicating the experience of playing in a traditional Heads Up table, but with a lot more action.
Heads Up 8 Man Blaze will replace all regular Heads Up tables on the network, thus solving the industry-wide problem of ‘bum-hunting’, in which players park in a seat at a Heads Up table and wait for a weaker player to arrive, refusing play with any player of equal or better skill.
Martin Stalros, head of poker operations at Unibet, said Thursday: “Microgaming has always shown a strong commitment to innovation and unique product development, and Heads Up 8 Man Blaze is no exception.”
“This release is the latest in a long line of recreational player-friendly developments for the MPN," said Lydia Melton, head of network games at Microgaming. "I truly believe that we have developed an exceptional product for our operators to offer, and I’m extremely excited about being first to market with such a player-focused software feature.”