Health Lottery in hot water with the UK Advertising Standards Authority

Implication that buying a lottery ticket could help solve financial hassles criticised by UK advertising regulator
Northern and Shell's The Health Lottery was in hot water with the UK Advertising Standards Authority this week over a press advertisement that implied buying a lottery ticket could be a solution to financial concerns or a way to achieve financial security.
The banned national press ad boasted a prominent headline saying "Mortgage? What mortgage?" with smaller text underneath "Now two chances to win GBP 100k…*, positioned above examples of the prizes on offer.
The Gambling Reform & Society Perception Group complained to the A.S.A. that the ad, which was created by the lottery’s in-house creative team, was irresponsible, and implied that taking part in a lottery was a way in which financial problems could be solved, or financial security achieved.
In its defence, the lottery claimed the ad was simply suggesting how a lottery winner could spend their winnings, and the ad was part of a series with headlines such as, ‘I took all of my family and friends to the Caribbean’.
The Authority agreed with the complainant, noting that the CAP code states that "marketing communications must not suggest that participating in a lottery can be a solution to financial concerns", but can "refer to other benefits of winning a prize".
The ASA considered that other benefits of a winning a prize included purchasing new goods or experiences, rather than paying off existing debts.