Hero Poker Planning a Comeback

Thursday July 4,2013 : HERO POKER PLANNING A COMEBACK? (Update)
But it's taking an awfully long time and may exclude US players…
Internet message boards are speculating that Hero Poker, a Merge Poker Network skin that shut down at the end of last year following differences of opinion with the network, will soon return under a new brand and with different licensing.
The bad news, for US online players anyway, is that the resurrected site will probably not be accepting US action.
It is understood that David Jung is still the man behind the company; several months ago he revealed that the re-launch was imminent but gave little detail, and that attitude has persisted through several "updates" that revealed little that was new or any detail on the shape and format of the new offering.
Now seven months on, it would appear that the re-launch is proving harder to achieve than was first thought possible.