Heroes Casino Screws Players Again

‘Heroes' something of a misnomer for this outfit?
Our readers will recall the trials and tribulations of a Casinomeister player with a little-known online casino bearing the unlikely title of ‘Heroes Casino.' In a long running fight last year over a $38 000 blackjack win, one spurious excuse after another was offered as the casino jerked the player around before its licence was terminated by software provider Gale Winds.
Gale Winds, which at that time had only two licensees, earned itself substantial player and affiliate goodwill by stepping up to the plate and ensuring the player was fully paid, shaming the casino operator. 
One of several allegations made by the operator – that the Gale Winds software was flawed – was challenged by the software company's CEO, Chris Colby, who offered to open up his source code to a reputable independent examination. The offer was not taken up by the operator, in the minds of many players giving the lie to the accusations.
Heroes went on to change software and continue operating, but this week it was again in the message board spotlight, and not in a good way.
A slew of posts reported that the casino had closed down amid allegations that it had deserted a number of players owed varying amounts, some as high as $5 000, and totaling over $150 000.
At press time the Heroes site remained offline.