High Stakes Online Poker Players Identities Revealed

If you follow the nosebleed action on the virtual tables, these names will interest you.
The publication Poker News has revealed the identities behind three key handles that frequently feature in high stakes poker games over the internet.
Asian high roller Chun Lei Zhou has confirmed he is "samrostan" and that he previously used the handle "patpatpanda".
According to data from HighStakesDB, the "samrostan" account is currently down $6.2 million since the site began tracking it in 2011.
Zhou's previous handle of "patpatpanda" is reportedly also down at minus $2.6 million but, he told Poker News, that won't stop him from playing in the big leagues, and he clearly has the necessary backing. He admitted his biggest fault is continuing to play when he is tired, and a desire to beat all comers…especially when he's on a roll.
The handle MalACEsia, which has been making nosebleed action waves in recent weeks, belongs to Macau high stakes player Paul Phua, according to Poker News.
High Stakes Data Base numbers indicate that he is also in the red by $4.25 million since HSDB started tracking his play a year ago. He has apparently enjoyed more success on the international live tournment circuit, where he has profited by over $3 million.
Just last week he finished sixth in the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller Event in Monaco, taking home over $500,000