High stakes online poker Action Moves to Pokerstars

This week's high stakes action was frenetic…and a mainly live tourney player cleaned up.
The bulk of high stakes online poker action appears to have moved to Pokerstars since the fall from grace of Full Tilt Poker, and last week large sums of money continued to change hands across the virtual tables there.
One standout player was mainly live tourney ace Rafi Amit, who shattered a wide range of PLO opponents to end the week with a profit of $592 000, and who is currently up $1.29 million on the giant global site.
Finnish online maven Ilari Sahamies is up $736 000 this year, and that could have been significantly higher had he not dropped $200 000 in the last few days of the week
But Swedish online pro Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen still tops the earnings tree, in the black ink to the tune of some $1.4 million on Pokerstars this year,.
The top 5 winners this week were all above $200 000 in profit and included Amit: +$592,000; Axelf82: +$247,000; socutiesf: +$210,000; Sahamies: +$202,000; and Jedlicka: +$200,000. Another five players ended the week more than $100 000 in the black.
Not faring so well were the five biggest losers, who included Phil Galfond: – $273,000; Rui Cao: – $216,000; Ben “milkybarkid” Grundy: – $208,000; Zypherin: – $207,000; and Sussie Smith: – $153,000.  Another five players were down over $100 000 on the week, including Brian Hastings.