Illegal World Cup football betting ring took HK$170 million in bets

6/28/10 – Hong Kong police have told Agence France Presse that further police raids have disrupted another online sports gambling ring over the weekend.
A police spokesman claimed that a record HK$170 million (US$22 million) was taken in on illegal bets on World Cup football games and horse racing by the ring.
Authorities arrested four men linked to Hong Kong's notorious triad gangs and seized betting records in the latest in a series of raids that have netted at least three dozen suspects since the tournament kicked off mid-June.
Betting records covering about US$32 million in bets were seized in the raids, with investigators saying that they have not yet finished breaking down the value of wagers placed on football versus horse racing in the latest operation.
Earlier this month, mainland Chinese police arrested at least 45 people and confiscated HK$44 million in betting slips in the nearby southern industrial city of Shenzhen.