Local resident accused of providing internet sports betting and money laundering
Residents of a quiet suburb in Henrico County, Virginia were intrigued to see a large police presence at the home of one of their neighbours, Khen Han Tran recently in a state police enforcement initiative which turned out to be a search warrant-backed raid on an alleged internet sports betting operation.
CBS6 reports that the search warrant detailed alleged illegal gambling on an unspecified website, claiming that Khen Han Tran took illegal bets on college and professional sports such as football and basketball.
According to the search warrant, Tran is being investigated for money laundering and running an illegal sports gambling operation online. The document details a six month undercover investigation by Fairfax County detectives, who claim to have placed more than one hundred bets on Tran's online gambling site.
A confidential informant met up with Tran on a weekly basis to recover monies owed to him or to pay monies owed to Tran as a result of the illegal bets.
Court filings relate that Fairfax detectives spent months building a case against Tran, assisted by the Virginia State Police.
Reports indicate that police officers seized several computers, CDs, and an undisclosed amount of money.
Tran, who was not detained, declined to comment on the raid.