Incinerator Slot Launches

Wednesday January 20,2016 : INCINERATOR FROM YGGDRASIL

First 2016 release looks to be an exciting one.
Yggdrasil Gaming has launched Incinerator, a fast-paced avalanche reel game where players control the biggest incinerator in the universe.
Incinerator™ features a high max bet of Euro 200 per spin and interesting normal and super wild pattern features. Check it out here

When a player lands the first three wins in a row, a group of symbols will turn into wilds in the incinerator machine, according to the pattern that is shown on the left side of the interface. If three more wins are achieved, this is repeated with a wild super pattern.
Fredrik Elmqvist, chief executive officer for Yggdrasil Gaming, while emphasising the number of unique features in Incinerator, revealed the company has  many more games in the pipeline set for 2016 launches.