Two arrested and 63 mobile phones seized in India
Police in the Nagpur region of India report that a raid in Ekta Nagar on Sunday resulted in the arrest of two youths on charges of running a mobile gambling ring, and the confiscation of cash and items of electronic equipment that included 63 mobile phones.
Piyush Jaiswal and Hitesh Arora are alleged to have rented a single room for accepting bets on the one-day cricket match between India and New Zealand, reports The Times of India.  According to a police statement, the duo had set up a system through which over 63 people could access the internet for purposes of betting on the game whilst it was in progress.
A police spokesman said the two were from well-to-do families and had no criminal record.
The raid was mounted at short notice after an informant's tip-off, catching the youths red-handed in their first venture into online betting.