Is the game of rummy gambling or predominantly one of skill?

Is the game of rummy gambling or predominantly one of skill?
In just five days, on August 18, the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi will rule on an appeal that could have significant implications for online gambling.
The judges will be asked to rule on whether online rummy is a game of skill rather than gambling following an appeal against a Madras High Court finding that the popular game constitutes gambling when stakes are involved despite a significant level of skill being required. Prior to the Madras finding, a junior court had ruled that the game is one of skill and does not fall within the definition of gambling.
Indian media outlets report that many online rummy website companies, including Play Games 24/7 Ltd and Junglee Games India Pvt. Ltd are anxiously awaiting the judgement, which has potential to affect their businesses.
Acting for the companies, senior counsel Abhishek Manu Singhvi said this week that the national government does not yet have a framework of rules and regulations for online gaming.
The negative Madras High Court ruling was challenged and taken on appeal to the Supreme Court by the Mahalakshmi Cultural Association, a Chennai-based city club.