Virtual world safer in hostile legal environment
Indian authorities are looking to increase their compliment of cyber security experts in a bid to crack down on illegal online gambling in the country as bookmakers increasingly move on to virtual channels to evade detection.
An unnamed "highly placed source in the Police Department" revealed to the Indian Express publication that its Cyber Crime Police Special Investigative Team is ill equipped to trace and tackle online operators with some members reportedly without the tools to simply hack into an online account.
An online bookmaker operating from Mumbai, who requested anonymity, told the Indian Express: “There are a lot of online websites and closed communities on social networking sites which deal with real money. On paper, during registrations, they pose as just gamers involved in gambling.”
Commenting on the situation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (crime) DM Krishnam Raju said: “Though such websites are only involved in legal gaming, a closer look and preliminary investigations have revealed that many deal with real money. We will have to track them down. Such things exist even with Poker online. We will track them down and use all the assistance we can get from the Cyber Crime Police.”