Wednesday January 14,2015 : POKERSTARS SHOWCASES ITS I.T. SIDE
Fifth in the video series "inside Pokerstars" released.
The fifth in the "Inside Pokerstars" video series has been released by the company, showcasing the company's impressive I.T. infrastructure on the Isle of Man and the tight security that protects it.
In this new vid the company answers the question “When I’m playing online PokerStars where do the games take place?” in an interview and tour conducted by IT chief Gary Hill.
The cool…and supercooled…facility has a three-tier security system based on ID and biometric checks, with only a very limited number of employees cleared for entry to the core of the system, where long lines of server racks and storage and connectivity kit hum quietly in spotlessly clean aisles.
Hill explains the importance in terms of reliability of service of having a company internet running in conjunction with the Web to handle volume without the glitches and interruptions that seem to plague many of Pokerstars' rivals.
It's a short vid, but worth watching here: