InstaDeal Joins Hive Poker Network

Turnkey platform to cater for smaller partners
The Connected Table Group's InstaDeal Turnkey platform has joined new poker network "The Hive".
InstaDeal's Fast Fold poker product will be used by The Hive while parent company Connected Table is assisting on the development of an HTML5 version for the poker network.
"We're thrilled to get this opportunity," said Stefan Olsson, chief executive officer of Connected Table AB. "It adds a new exciting service to our existing Turnkey platform which already is home to many of the industry's best services. With its full range of payment services, game services, affiliate handling and complete mobile support we're ready to take on many more customers."
"Passing smaller partners to the InstaDeal® Turnkey platform makes sense to us as we're focusing on the bigger partners which holds their own license and integration teams," added Daniela Lanzolla, chief executive officer of The Hive poker network. "We intend to grow aggressively over the next few months and are glad to have the Connected Table group of companies, their services and expertise with us on that journey. It truly is exciting times!"