InsuredPlay Shutting Down

16 months after launch "InsuredPlay" is shutting down, an all-in poker equity insurance enterprise specialising in the coverage of online cash games, is to fold in an orderly fashion after just 16 months in business.
The company has assured players that their balances remain safe and segregated, and that all balances will be paid out in full following claims that must be submitted before the end of September.
The website notification reads:
"Dear Players,
"Due to a number of difficulties that we have not been able to overcome, we decided to shut down InsuredPlay permanently. As of today, you will no longer be able to use our services.
"The site will remain available until September 30th, 2013 only for withdrawals.
"All players who have an outstanding balance will need to submit a withdrawal request by September 30th. After this date the site will no longer be functional and we will no longer be able to respond to any requests.
"In the meantime, withdrawals will be processed as they are received. All player balances are safe and everyone will be paid in full.
"We appreciate the support of our loyal players and regret having to put an end to our story."