Posted 3/14/11 : Still plenty of political activity ahead
The online poker legalization bill introduced recently to the Iowa Legislature faces a new deadline in its progress through the lawmaking process.
The Sioux City Journal reported over the weekend that both chambers will be focused on meeting a second self-imposed deadline – April 1 – for Senate bills to clear a House committee and House bills to win approval of a Senate committee.
Politicians said that if the online gambling bill reaches the Senate floor the debate is likely to be lively.
Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Mike Gronstal, has not ruled out the possibility of a Senate debate on the bill, although he feels it is unlikely at this stage.
In the coming week, Gronstal and House Speaker Kraig Paulsen have indicated that their program will be largely focused on committees looking at bills the other chamber has sent over, ranging from dove hunting, tax cuts and late abortions to collective bargaining reforms and same sex marriage proposals.
“We’ll bring the good House bills out of committee,” Gronstal said, but he and Paulsen indicated the April Fool’s Day deadline will claim many casualties.