Irish Online Gambling Tax Delayed

More pressing matters occupy the Irish parliament, and new tax laws are unlikely to emerge until mid-2013
The Irish media are reporting that parliamentary pressures related to the overall economic situation have pushed proposed online gambling taxation proposals drafted this year to the back burner, with experts predicting that it will be the second half of 2013 before further action takes place.
The country's sixth contentious austerity plan has dominated parliamentary debate and the public interest, delaying other legislative proposals.
The new betting law proposes the regulation of online gambling and a more liberal approach to land gambling, with provision for regulatory structures and taxation on both domestic and offshore online gambling operators accessing Irish punters. The tax revenues are expected to initially reach Euro 20 million a year.
A controversial element in the draft is the proposal that the lottery and gaming sectors have different regulators, and this will almost certainly generate debate among lawmakers.
Bureaucratic delays can also be expected, with EU law requiring that the proposed betting bill be vetted by the European Commission to ensure that it is fair and compliant with EU Treaty requirements.