The inaugural Italian Poker Tour (IPT) concluded in San Remo this week with a seven hour final table tussle that ended in victory for banker Stefano Puccilli (37) after a tough decider against fellow PokerStars online qualifier Vittorio Meraviglia.
Puccilli's reward was a cheque for Euro 120 000, whilst runner-up Meraviglia enjoyed a Euro 75 000 payday.  Pokerstars Italian
255 players, 39 of them qualified through registered for the first Italian poker tour sponsored by the giant online poker company, generating a prize pool of almost half a million Euros.
In the final hand where Meriviglia went all-in with A-3 and was called by Puccilli who revealed 8d-8c, giving Puccilli a massive pre-flop advantage. The flop ran Jc-Ah-Qc, which paired Vittorio's A and made Puccilli the underdog.

A 9d on the turn opened the possibility of a straight to the queen for Puccilli, but he needed any 10 or 8. A miracle 10s on the river saved Puccilli and made him the first Italian Poker Tour San Remo champ.
The Tour now goes to Venice for the next tournament, scheduled for July 23 to 26.