Kansas City Online Bookie Pleads Guilty

Defendant handled some $1.2 million in wagers
Another Kansas City man, James Dicapo,  accused by a grand jury investigation of facilitating online gambling has pleaded guilty, admitted that he was a part of an internet gambling ring that processed $3.6 million in internet bets between 2006 and 2009.
James L. Dicapo (57) said in a federal court that the customers for whom he was responsible bet about $1.2 million during that period, reports the Kansas City Star newspaper.
Dicapo was one of four men charged in March this year with involvement in the gambling ring. The charges claimed that Dicapo and others gave bettors a toll-free telephone number and access to a website on which they could place their bets on sporting events. That information was routed to a business in Costa Rica that handled the transactions.
Local bookmakers, such as Dicapo, then paid or collected cash from their bettors weekly, according to court records.