Jamie Gold To Open Online Poker Room

Tuesday August 30, 2011  : New venture described as a cross between Zynga and the club subscription business model
The often controversial former World Series of Poker champion Jamie Gold was in the news again over the weekend, this time generating publicity for a new venture in which he is apparently involved titled Free Gold Poker.com.
Described by one publication as "…a cross between Zynga Poker – a completely free online poker room with no real prizes – and subscription-based online poker room – which costs a monthly fee to join and offers tournament prizes”, the new offering appears to lean heavily on the wide perception that club-based subscription poker business models are legally acceptable in the United States.
The rather basic website offers no information on the software in use or the ownership structure, but does promise $100 000 monthly in cash tournaments and prizes; Texas Hold'em, Royal Hold'em and Video Poker games;  UFC, WWE gear and event tickets; poker articles, tools and tips and an association with "Poker TV".