Tuesday January 7,2014 :  U.S. CRYSTAL BALL GAZING BY TOP LAWYER
Jeff Ifrah gives his thoughts on the future for US online gambling.
The high profile and well-connected US legal expert Jeff Ifrah has published some predictions on US internet gambling.
Using his experience and knowledge, Ifrah says the following outcomes are likely in 2014:
There will be player pool sharing compacts between states that have legalised online gambling such as New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, leading to better player liquidity, bigger prize pools, and more competitive games.
The odds are about even on California entering the online poker market during the coming year, making a major impact as the most populous of the US states and dictating the terms of any sharing compacts with other states.
The so far unsuccessful attempt by New Jersey to bypass the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act by legalising intrastate sports betting will be heard by the US Supreme Court…and it will rule in favour of New Jersey.