Washington MegaMillio Winner Jim McCullar

Posted 1/7/11 : Third time lucky for retired aerospace worker
Retired aerospace worker Jim McCullar says he has been lucky on two occasions in his life – meeting his wife and once winning almost $19 000 playing keno – but his good fortune this week was at least financially his biggest hit yet; he won half of the $380 million Mega Millions jackpot.
The Washington state resident was presented with a check for $190 million this week in Olympia, Washington. The other winner – who has a ticket bought in Idaho – has yet to come forward.  The mystery winner has 180 days to claim the prize.
Reuters reports that the big winner's first intimation that he had hit the big time was when he saw his numbers on the television broadcast. He turned pale and began shaking, causing his wife of 41 years, Carolyn, to worry that he'd suffered a heart attack – he has a weak heart.
The McCullars, who have six children and twenty three grandchildren, can accept their winnings in 26 installments or a lump sum of $90 million.
"What this means to me is, the legacy is going to go generation to generation, they'll never have to worry, we'll never blow this," McCullar said.