Owner of vbet24.com and khelmasti.com Arrested

Owner of vbet24.com and khelmasti.com in crackdown
Jitendra Tanna aka Jitu Dhadi (50), owner of vbet24.com and khelmasti.com, was arrested by Mumbai Police's City Crime Branch Tuesday.
Tanna is alleged to have started private accounts for bookmakers and punters betting on the Indian Premier League IPL-7 according to a Times of India report.
Authorities said they will interrogate Tanna for further information on others involved in the betting racket, including how many accounts he opened on behalf of bookmakers and punters.
He has been charged under various sections of the gambling, cheating, forgery, breach of trust and breach of information technology acts.
And the software providers and/or other IT professionals who designed the website and the software for the bookies will also be under the spotlight, authorities said.
In another raid Sunday, police arrested Vishal Upadhya (26), Abhishek Singh (28) and Yasin Shaikh (28) under sections of the cheating, forgery breach of trust and gambling acts following a tip-off.  Police said the three were charged with accepting and placing bets on the internet, and confiscated 13 mobile phones, a laptop, 4 SIM cards, a TV Set and cash amounting to Rs 85 000.