Kambi FY2015 Results

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 : KAMBI FLIES HIGH IN FY2015 RESULTS

Success underpinned by strong results from customers.

B2B sports betting provider Kambi Group plc delivered record full year results in its audited final 2015 financial report Monday.

Key performance highlights for the 12 month period ending December 31, 2015 include:

–    Total revenue of Euro 47.7 million (2014: Euro 36 million), an increase of 32 percent year-on-year.

–    EBITDA of Euro 13.6 million (2014: Euro 8.6 million).

–    Profit from operations of Euro 7.4 million (2014: Euro 2.2 million).

–    Profit after tax was Euro 6.2 million (2014: Euro 1 million).

 “I’m proud that Kambi, in 2015, once again delivered record revenues for our operators,” commented Kristian Nylén, chief executive officer of Kambi Group. 

“Across the board, the figures are exceptional with our clients outperforming the market. Of course Kambi can only ever be as successful as our operators, so it’s very gratifying to see them record such impressive figures — even more so, considering that was achieved in a year without a football World Cup or European Championship.”