Kentucky shows its ambivalence on internet gambling

Posted 3/3/11 : The blue-grass state shows its ambivalence on internet gambling
The state of Kentucky has become notorious for its ongoing attempts to seize international domains belonging to online gambling companies, ostensibly in order to protect its citizens, but it appears the state government has different values when it comes to horse racing.
According to an Associated Press report, Kentucky lawmakers are currently calling for the state licensing of companies that enable people to make online horse racing bets.  The legislative proposal advanced easily Wednesday through the Senate State and Local Government Committee, requiring that advance deposit wagering providers be licensed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.
It also would require ADW operators to provide quarterly reports on all wagers made on Kentucky races.
The measure, already approved by the House, now heads to the full Senate.
Online and phone betting done through ADW providers has become the fastest-growing segment in parimutuel horse wagering, said Senator Damon Thayer, a Republican from Georgetown.
AP notes that Kentucky legislators have grappled with concerns from racing industry advocates that Kentucky is falling behind tracks in other states that have boosted purses, largely through alternative gaming channels such as online and mobile.