Hevad Khan has triumphed in the main event at the Caesars Palace Classic in Las Vegas.

The player started the final table with 8,675,000 chips, giving him an advantage of more than five million over his nearest competitor.

He defeated Michael Kamran in heads-up play to pocket $1 million, almost double the amount that went to Kamran.

Despite a huge lead at the start of the game, some off Khan's advantage had been eroded by the time he faced of against Kamran with them holding 17,150,000 and 14,075,000 respectively.

However, Khan sealed his victory when his opponent went all in with K-10 when J-9-2 appeared on the flop.

Khan called and turned over J-6 which gave him the lead but also gave Kamran plenty of outs but the turn and the river were no help.

The player known as Rainbow has notched up two first place finishes in major competitions and has winnings in excess of $2,266,554.