Leeann Tweeden Poses Nude For Playboy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 : POKER PRESENTER IN PLAYBOY SHOOT
At 38, Leeann is still a looker
International Business Times reports that Leeann Tweeden (38), former sportscaster and presenter for NBC's "Poker After Dark" television show, has posed nude for "Playboy" and will be on the front cover of the December issue going on sale this week.
"I'm secure in who I am now," says Tweeden in Playboy's November issue. "I've always been a goody-two-shoes girl, but I'm making a choice to shake things up."
Talking about the poker personalities with whom she has come in contact during her broadcasting career, Tweeden says: "A lot of the poker players are math whizzes, MIT grads with multiple doctorates.
"They're brilliant, and they're cool people, but a lot of them are not socialized. They spend their time online."
When she interviews the players, she says, the reaction is often hormone-induced paralysis!